Syrian Arab Republic crisis

Dr Tasnim Atatrah of WHO Gaziantep checks boxes holding supplies to treat noncommunicable diseases like asthma, diabetes, and hypertension. WHO Gaziantep ships the supplies from Turkey to clinics in northwest Syria.

Beyond the bullets and bombs: Saving the lives of chronic disease patients living in conflict settings

23 November 2017 -- The World Health Organization has developed a new health kit to support treatment for chronic disease patients in emergency settings. Three years after the kit’s conceptualization, the first shipment of six kits, enough for 60,000 medical treatments, has been delivered cross-border from Turkey to northern Syria.


WHO gravely concerned by deteriorating situation in eastern Ghouta, Syrian Arab Republic

22 November 2017, Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic – Seven people have been killed and 42 people injured in Damascus city and surrounding areas in recent days.
In eastern Ghouta, Rural Damascus, local health authorities report that during a 4-day period alone from 14 to 17 November, 84 people were killed, including 17 children and 6 women; and 659 people were injured, including 127 children and 87 women.

WHO calls for immediate and unimpeded access to save lives in eastern Ghouta, Syrian Arab Republic

12 November, 2017, Cairo, Egypt - Up to 400 000 people remain besieged in eastern Ghouta in Rural Damascus, where they face deteriorating humanitarian, health, and security conditions. More than 240 people require urgent advanced medical care, including 29 priority patients (mostly children) in critical condition who need immediate medical evacuation.